Exterior Painting Tips from Professional Painters in Edmonton

Are you about to tackle an exterior painting project in Edmonton? Before diving in, it’s important to keep in mind that painting requires a good amount of prep-work and an eye to the finishing details as well. The painters in Edmonton from Euro-Men Painting Ltd, who provide both residential house painting and commercial painting services, have a few tips that can help your exterior painting project go much more smoothly.

1) Don’t skimp on paint quality

If you’re already going to be buying paint to use on your home or your commercial building, then it’s going to be very worthwhile to spend a little bit extra up front on a higher quality product. You may be spending more initially, but a better quality paint will last much longer. A better quality paint will give you better coverage as you paint as well.

2) Wash and sand

So, you’ve got your high-quality paint all ready, but you shouldn’t start using it just yet. You don’t want to be applying paint over top of rough or dirty patches on the outside of your building. Take the time to clean away any dirt and grime and to sand down any peeling paint or other rough spots. Applying new paint over top of a dirty exterior can allow mildew to thrive. Plus, the paint likely won’t adhere too well either.

3) Repair and fill

Your washing and your sanding is going to uncover and perhaps even create some minor dings and chips. You can use patching putty to fix up these little imperfections and create a smooth surface for application of the paint. Caulk will also be important for sealing off any cracks and joints around door frames, window frames, fascia boards, and molding.

4) Start at the top

Having washed, sanded, repaired, and filled, you’re finally ready to start painting. The most important thing to keep in mind when painting a building exterior is to start at the top and work your way down. Going top to bottom helps to avoid steaks and allows you to fix minor drips as you go.

5) Don’t forget the finishing touches

A great paint job is all about the smaller finishing details. Don’t forget to paint all molding, shutters, fascia, and any other decorative details along the exterior of your building. A good brush and a steady hand are really all you need to get those finishing touches done, but a small, 6-inch roller can help in some circumstances as well.

Professional Exterior Painting in Edmonton

If you’re interested in having some or even all of your exterior painting project done by professional Edmonton painters, then Euro-Men Painting Ltd is here to help. With a fresh coat of top-quality paint, we can help improve your home’s curb-side appeal or your commercial building’s professionalism.

Save yourself the time and the trouble and let our experienced painters get the job done for you in no time. You can contact us for an accurate estimate on your exterior painting project in Edmonton today.


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