Interior Painting Tips From An Expert

Before beginning an Edmonton interior painting project, you need to have a plan of attack. Knowing what to do before you start painting, while you’re painting, and once you’re finished painting will help ensure a good final product. The experienced interior painters in Edmonton at Euro-Men Painting Ltd have five tips to help you avoid the mess and stress of an interior paint job gone awry. For both residential painting and commercial painting in Edmonton, make sure you:

1) Prep the painting surface

All house painters in Edmonton will tell you that before you start painting you’ve got to get the painting surface ready. Scrape and sand any protruding imperfections, fill every hole and crack, and clean any dirty or oily patches. Painting over an unprepared surface won’t hide all of these imperfections, and will cause your paint to peel and chip.

2) Tint your primer

Another great prep tip for interior painting in Edmonton is to tint your primer with a small amount of topcoat paint. Once you go to cover up your primer with the topcoat, you’ll have a much easier time doing so. You may even need a fewer number of coats in order to finish the paint job than you would have if you hadn’t tinted the primer.

3) Paint the trim, then the ceiling, then the walls

Professional painters in Edmonton paint in a specific order, and you should too. Begin with the trim, as the trim is easy to tape off once it has dried. Next, you’ll want to move on to the ceiling, as any paint that drips onto the walls can easily be covered later. Finally, you can paint the walls.

While you paint the walls you should…

4) Keep a wet edge

You can prevent lap marks (the unsightly stripes which indicate that a roller went over paint which had already dried) by keeping a wet edge and moving your roller completely up and down the height of the wall. Move slightly over after each upward or downward stroke so that you go over each previous stroke before it has had a chance to begin drying.

5) Remove painting tape with a utility knife

When it’s time to remove the tape from the trim, you’ll want to cut rather the pull the tape off. Using a very sharp utility knife, carefully cut the thin film of paint which has formed along the tape. Pulling the tape without cutting it first will cause bits of paint to come away with it.

Professional Interior Painting in Edmonton

Some interior painting jobs are trickier than others. If you’ve come upon a bit of a challenge or if you’re just not confident enough in your painting abilities, then you’ll be better off trusting the job to experienced house painters in Edmonton. At Euro-Men Painting Ltd we provide both commercial painting and residential painting in Edmonton.

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