Kitchen Cabinet Painting Edmonton

Making your cabinets look their best doesn’t have to mean the hassle and expense of replacements. With the right products and colours we can transform the look of your kitchen so it looks almost new again. We apply our primers and paints with sprayers to ensure a silky smooth finish so your cabinets look like they’re fresh from the factory.
kitchen cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Bring Life Back To Your Kitchen Cabinets

  • Remove doors and hardware
  • Clean and sand all surfaces to be painted
  • Apply a bonding primer to improve adhesion of the final product
  • Apply paint coats by spray
  • Reinstall

Choosing to repaint your kitchen cabinets represents significant cost savings. On average it cost 2 to 3 times to complete a replacement than to repaint your existing cabinets. If the main issue with your current cabinets is the colour or wear and tear than painting could be a great option. Paints are highly durable and can last just as long as new cabinets.

However, if you simply don’t like the style of your current cabinets than a replacement might be worth the extra cost.

You can count on our cabinet painters to always pay attention to the details that give you the highest quality paint job possible. Contact us for a no-obligation quote and let’s discuss how we can add more life to your exterior with a fresh coat of paint. Euro-Men Painting Edmonton is ready to help!

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